Child protection and vulnerable adults

The Sisters of St Louis are inspired by our founder Louis Bautain's vision of a world healed, unified and transformed. We as health care providers, educators and community/pastoral workers commit ourselves to the all-round development and care of children and vulnerable adults. We do this by respecting, promoting and adhering to our Child Protection/Safeguarding and Member Misconduct Policies and promoting this vision among our sisters and in all our places of ministry throughout the Institute.

  • Each child and vulnerable adult is cherished and affirmed as a gift from God with an inherent right to dignity and bodily integrity.
  • All members of our Institute and the staff who work with us in ministry have an obligation to ensure that the fundamental rights of children and vulnerable adults are respected.
  • The welfare of children and vulnerable adults is paramount at all times for Sisters of St Louis.

These guiding principles inform our policies which draw on the standards and guidance of the Catholic Church as well as on other relevant documents/legislation in the parts of the world where we work. The policies have been written to ensure that the Sisters take every possible measure to prevent abuse. No Sister engages in behaviour that could allow any abuse to occur or actions that could be misinterpreted by children and vulnerable adults, their families or other adults as constituting or leading to abuse. We are committed to ensuring that each of the members of the Institute is aware of, and complies with, this obligation. Child Protection/Safeguarding or Member Misconduct procedures are reviewed every three years.  

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In consultation with the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church, we as Sisters of St Louis intend to adopt the Revised Safeguarding Standards and Guidance Document. A draft document is available on the NBSCCCI website or by clicking here.

The National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCCI) Audit Report of the Sisters of St Louis in the Irish Region, published on October 23, 2014, can be downloaded here.

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The National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCCI) Review of Safeguarding Practice recommendations for the Sisters of St Louis, published in August 2015, can be downloaded here:

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