Mission development

Prompted by the wish to engage in best practice in the various aspects of our Development Work the Sisters of St Louis recently appointed a Mission Development Coordinator, Ronan White. He comes with a background in development and has lived in different countries in Africa for more than ten years. Ronan will collaborate with those in St Louis who are ministering with and for the marginalised and most vulnerable, as they seek to identify needs and priorities. He will also assist with strategic planning, the identification of resources needed to the make these plans a reality, and the preparation of funding applications.

Our approach to mission is rooted in the belief in God’s message of love and peace. As with other missionaries engaged in development, we endeavour to embody the five core values of respect, justice, commitment, compassion and integrity in all that we do. Our overall aim is to be in solidarity with the poor and marginalised in ways that transform lives, while respecting the integrity of local cultures.