Our partners

We are extremely grateful to the following partners without whom our work would not be possible.
225 197 Misean Cara 20yr logoMisean Cara was established in 2004, and is an international and Irish faith-based missionary development movement working with some of the most marginalised and vulnerable communities in developing countries. It works with communities to realise their human rights through the delivery of basic services in the areas of education, health, livelihoods and human rights. It is comprised of 91 member organisations working in over 50 countries.


The Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters, based in the USA, supports the apostolic work of Catholic sisters. The fund prioritises works in the area of women and children, healthcare/HIV, water, food/agriculture, trafficking and education.


Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. It is internationally recognised and works in partnership with local and church organisations to support and transform communities in over 20 developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

The St Francis Guild, based in London, provides financial assistance for the support, treatment and rehabilitation of those suffering from leprosy across the globe. It also sponsors awareness programmes to help eliminate the stigma associated with leprosy.

Electric Aid is a small but extremely effective agency based in Ireland funded by the Irish Electricity Supply Board, its staff and pensioners. It contributes to the development of peoples in Ireland and overseas through co-funding of projects that aim for long-term sustainable improvement in well-being of communities.

The CSTWSF (Combined Services Third World Fund) is another small yet effective agency. It is also based in Ireland and is funded by employees and pensioners of the Irish Civil Service. The Fund’s aim is to help people help themselves rather than create a dependency culture. It supports projects in the areas of education, health, water, agriculture, industry development and emergency aid/famine relief.


Barmherzikeit is the Austrian wing of the World Mercy Fund and supports projects in the developing world in the areas of healthcare, education, agriculture, children, water, and flood relief. It’s motto is that "The greatest good you can do to another is not just to share with him your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”

Missio, based in Germany, is an international Catholic missionary agency which focuses on sustainable pastoral and development work including the development of local parochial structures, programs for disadvantaged women, orphans and street children, initiatives for peace and reconciliation in civil war areas, and assistance of AIDS patients. The main focus of Missio‘s co-operation work is on the pastoral work of the Church.

Adveniat, an agency based in Germany, is one of the most important Church partners in Latin America and the Caribbean. It supports developmental needs through advancing the rights of the poor, the persecuted and minority groups, and through projects that combat poverty. It supports pastoral work through the training of local laity and religious and funding of churches, parish centres or vehicles.

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The Order of Malta, founded in Jerusalem in the 11th century, is a primary subject of international law and a Catholic religious and lay order. The Order of Malta’s mission is to bear witness to the faith and assist the poor and sick. The Order of Malta manages hospitals, healthcare clinics, out-patient units, institutes for the elderly and disabled, terminal patient centres and volunteer corps in 120 countries. Malteser International, the Order of Malta’s special relief agency, is always on the front line in natural disasters and to alleviate the consequences of armed conflicts. The Order of Malta has bilateral diplomatic relations with 109 States and relations with the European Union and the United Nations and its specialised agencies.

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The Loyola Foundation is a family-based charitable organization primarily dedicated to supporting overseas catholic mission activities in less developed countries.

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NÄCHSTENLIEBE WELTWEIT (Love of Neighbour Worldwide) works in partnership with religious sisters and brothers, together helping to provide medical aid, clean water, and school education for children, especially girls and orphans. Sustainable development and disaster relief are part of the long-term commitment of NÄCHSTENLIEBE WELTWEIT. The foundation was created in 2005 by Fr. Noel P. O'Meara, of the international Catholic Congregation of the Spiritans (Brothers of the Holy Spirit). It is a non-profit organization financed exclusively by private donations. It is characterized by a simple administrative structure with low administrative costs. NÄCHSTENLIEBE WELTWEIT works in Germany and Austria. The foundation will continue to help people in need for decades to come and carry the vision of Fr. Noel into the future. In this way, it ensures help that lasts and is reliable.


World Mercy Fund, along with its affiliated organisations - Barmherzigkeit International in Austria, WMF Barmherzigkeit e.V. in Germany and Verein Barmherzigkeit in Switzerland - provides funding for community development projects in disadvantaged areas of the world, most of them being in Africa. 

225 ItalianEpiscopalConferenceThe Italian Episcopal Conference – Service for charitable interventions in Third World countries. The Service works to achieve solidarity and cooperation between the Churches for the populations of Third World countries and to promote the integral development of people and local communities, according to the social doctrine of the Church. The projects are financed through the funds of the ‘8xmille’ provided to the Catholic Church.