There are 136 professed Sisters of St Louis, eight Novices and 10 Postulants currently in Nigeria Province, which spans Nigeria, the Republic of Benin and France. The Sisters live in 21 Communities across Nigeria, a country with a population of about 190 million people, three Communities in the Republic of Benin, and two Communities in France. Sisters engage in different ministries including: Education (45%), Health (8%), Pastoral/Social (17%), Leadership, Formation, and other administrative roles (11%), 3% are on Mission outside the Province and 16% are students.

Sisters are involved in external ministry work in seven Secondary schools, mostly for girls, 12 Nursery and Primary schools, six health institutions, three pastoral and seven social/community development initiatives across the Province. The remaining Sisters are in leadership, formation and other administrative roles.

Of these 34 Apostolates, 13 are owned by Sisters of St Louis, four by government and 17 by dioceses.

Check out the galleries of images below to learn more about the work that the Sisters of St Louis do in Nigeria in Education, Health Care, Pastoral Care and Community Development. For the work they do in Benin in France, please visit those pages on our website.

Our life in Nigeria

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Health care

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Pastoral care

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Community development

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