Love is the Answer

Blog 19 Image Veronica Afful Nov 8I had the opportunity to witness the commissioning of the Atu Mould Conference Hall at the Arnold Jassen Spirituality Center, Botiano Hills, Accra, Ghana, during my sabbatical.

Atu Mould was a young billionaire and philanthropist who died of Covid-19 in 2020. He owned a fleet of expensive cars and motor bikes at the time of his death. His mother who had been wondering what she could do with all these vehicles had the idea of selling the vehicles and using the money for charitable works. She gave a handsome amount towards the construction of the AJSC Hall at Arnold Jassen Spirituality Center and a very huge amount towards the construction of a three-floor modern dormitory block at Adisadel College, Atu’s Alma Mater.

As I gazed at his mother, a 75-year-old woman during the ceremony, I was moved by her generosity. The woman could have hoarded the money for herself but she decided to give all away. It reminded me of a piece of truth - "This world is not my home. I am just a-passing through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue." 

Indeed, what matters in life is to leave behind memories of the lives transformed by one's generosity. I think it is safe to say better to love than to be successful. Success is transitory; love is eternal. It was so emotional reading some of his sayings before his death that were pasted on the walls. “Lord grant us a heart like yours.” “A heart that gives freely.” Where there is love, one gives all there is to give.”  His mother could not hold back her tears during the ceremony.  

May God bless all our benefactors.

by Veronica Afful SSL