Blog 25 Image I am a photographer; I love to create memories with a click from the shutter of my camera. Photos are tangible and they leave everyone with memories of an event or occasion whether sad or joyful. Photos remind us and communicate with us. They tell a story; they are poems without words. When I take photos, I take them from all angles and all views so that the story will fall in line.

I entered the Sunshine Photo Printing Studio one afternoon and it seemed to be a very busy day for the studio staff and my photographer colleagues. As I was sitting waiting for my pictures an elderly woman walked into the studio. She had her phone in her hand, and she wanted to print out a few pictures she had taken at a program she had attended. We both sat waiting as young energetic men came in and out of the studio. After about an hour an elderly man also showed up with a tired face and a camera hanging round his neck. He smiled and took a seat, explaining how he was tired and in a hurry to get back home. Shortly after that a young man attended to him. I watched and listened with a smile on my face as he playfully engaged the young men in conversation. Then the old woman joined in the conversation. They spoke about the past and the present. The young men teased them both about how they were limited because they did not know much about technology. The rejoinder of the older man and woman was to take us all on a trip down memory lane as we listened to one story after another about how they had lived very simple lives and had nothing but fun in the past as children and did not have to worry much about anything. It was exciting to see the young and old share similar, yet different stories, in a place where memories are printed. I listened on, giggled, and supported one group at some point and then another. It was a beautiful picture to see the old and new together bringing back memories, sharing in laughter and fun and creating new memories. I am sure it has left all of us with imprints on our hearts this time not on paper. 

by Michelle Ankrah SSL