Easter 2024

Blog 26 imageIt is the Easter vigil our local church. As the ceremony begins, there is almost total darkness outside, apart from the lively flames of a small fire created by our Parish Sacristan. Inside the church is total darkness.

I was one of the Ministers of the Word (Reader) at this our Easter Vigil. Before reading from the Prophet Baruch 3: 9-15, 32-4:4, I glanced at the many people in the church in front of me, all holding lighted candles. Light had now transformed the earlier darkness.

I read from the Prophet Baruch as follows:

“He sends the light-and it goes.
He recalls it and trembling, it obeys;
the stars shine joyfully at their set times.
When He calls them, they answer, ‘Here we are’.
They gladly shine for their Creator.”

Easter time, Springtime, all Creation plays its part in the Resurrection.

by Dympna O’Daly SSL