2 Marion Teilhard2 Imageby Marion Reynolds SSL

13 September, 2023

Reading Teilhard’s life story has taught me a lot about the importance of being faithful to one’s insights. Although much of his writing was censored by the Church during his lifetime he is now accepted and is an influence in the spirituality of our day. As I reflect on his writings I can pray Louis Bautain’s prayer for a ‘world healed, unified and restored through the saving wisdom of Christianity’ and am grateful that he too had a sense and desire for the unity of this world.

Image Blog10by Úna Agnew SSL
6 September, 2023

Part 2 - Finding the Soul’s Song. I began to write about ageing when I first admitted I am old myself. Looking at some of the negative attitudes age receives, I realised there’s something of an ageist in all of us. This manifests itself especially when we hit the big ‘roundy’ birthdays. I remember I only wanted inspirational birthday cards for my 80th birthday and not those bright shiny cards with enormous luminous digits that continued to stare at me from the mantelpiece a full week later.  I know a perfectly sensible person, newly turned 60, who stashed away her magnificent array of birthday cards, as soon as the party was over.

Memories of Tom Hamill

by Méabh Ní Uallacháin SSL

30 August, 2023

When invited recently to share some memories of Tom Hamill, the only thing I was actually sure of was, that others would write much more eloquently than I of his genius, his theology, his Biblical understanding, his love of people, his delight in music, his creativity in Liturgies, his love of poetry, and so much more. Yes, he was that gifted.

Doubting Thomas – The Original Scientist

by Éilis Ní Thiarnaigh

23 August, 2023

Many years ago when I was a second year pupil in school I found myself in a science class. I had no interest in the subject and didn’t really want to be there. So I used to take refuge in pleasant daydreaming. One day, noticing my faraway expression, the science teacher said to me: “Do you understand what I have just explained to the class?”

Ageing - A Series of Reflections

by Úna Agnew SSL

16 August, 2023

Part 1 - Is it Downhill All the Way? It was when I reached 80 myself that I began to accept that I was ‘old.’ I remembered Shakespeare’s play As you like it, and the seven stages of human life, each playing a part on the stage of life. With my school companions we rattled off the words of melancholy Jacques, and poked fun at the ‘mewling’ infant, the ‘reluctant’ schoolboy,’ the ‘sighing’ lover.

Errew Monastery - A Childhood Memory

by Pauline Johnson SSL

9 August, 2023

In a place, where there was no shop, no post office, no Garda barracks, no petrol pump and no cars, of course, the Franciscan Monastery with its adjoining school, was highly regarded as the centre of the district. We lived our lives to the rhythm of the Monastery bell ringing out the Angelus twice daily.