Teilhard de Chardin – A Re-reading

by Marion Reynolds SSL

2 August, 2023

I have recently had the pleasure of renewing my acquaintance with the great Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin. I heard parts of his ‘Mass on the world’ read as a meditation. I was enthralled, and set about searching for his work. I had discarded my original books in one of my many de-cluttering projects, and as often happens

Image Blog4by Úna Agnew SSL

26 July, 2023

For those of us attending our SDE Annual Meeting 2023, and who could fit it into travel arrangements, an extra day in Estonia became an option. This was an opportunity for further immersion into the country’s culture and spirituality. Kristel, a spiritual director herself and mother of two, planned the itinerary. We said farewell to NeliJarve, (lit. the Four Lakes), and set out by cars and minibus towards Tartu, Estonia’s principal university city and spiritual capital.

Differently Beautifulby Michelle Ankrah SSL

13 July, 2023

Thoughts of being worth nothing and good for nothing filled me as I watched a couple of my classmates do all the mathematical calculations whilst I struggled the whole time. I felt terrible as I compared myself to them and was not able to provide the answers as quickly as they could. Then later that morning I came across a bird perched on a fish pond and suddenly I felt a big shift and consolation. It all came to me, my ability to organize my thoughts and talk to friends about any topic with much ease.

The Paradox of Sitting and Knowing - Knitting and Sewingby Kitty Fitzsimons SSL

19 July, 2023

Many years ago I found myself at a pottery retreat in Cork. We spent the days sitting in the pottery shed working instinctively with clay or relaxing in the garden being still, while enjoying the sun and the butterflies and the flowers. The word of the psalm “Be still and know that I am God” was an apt description of the six days we spent sitting and knowing. And on the 7th day we biblically bounded forth to take our rest, downed our artistic and spiritual tools, so to speak. And as we walked down the hill and talked, what should catch my eye but a big factory sign: KNIT AND SEW.

My trip to Estoniaby Úna Agnew SSL

3 July, 2023

As a member of a group entitled: Spiritual Directors in Europe, I travelled to our Annual General Meeting, hosted this year by members of the Estonian group. The meeting is hosted by a different country each year. For me, the prospect of visiting Estonia was an exciting prospect, yet, in the weeks leading up to May, the proposed date for our meeting, I was still wondering if I would make it. With Covid still in the air, it was difficult to decide.
Making a solid act of faith, I bought my air ticket in January, only to discover a month later that Ryan Air had cancelled its direct flight to Tallinn. There were four Irish members intent on making the trip, so with Sr Liz Fletcher RSM as our leader and travel aficionado, we decided to take what was on offer—a two-leg journey, Dublin to Frankfort and on to Tallin.