Sisters flee Civil War in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia

ethiopia 250x25029 MARCH, 2021. Naomi Nkrumah SSL tells us about her experiences of the conflict the Tigray Region of Ethiopia and the heartbreaking decision that the sisters made in November to flee their mission in Dawhan. Earlier that month, the Tigray regional government in Ethiopia launched a full-scale siege of key Ethiopian military bases, following a breakdown in relations with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's federal government. In response, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered a federal offensive against the region, setting off the conflict, which has killed thousands of people, and is estimated to have internally displaced 200,000 people.

Six postulants received into the Institute of the Sisters of St Louis, Dassa Zoumé, Republic of Benin

nigeriapostulants 250x25029 MARCH, 2021. Six postulants were received into the Institute of the Sisters of St Louis on February 2, 2021, in Dassa Zoumé, Republic of Benin. A procession from the Grotto was followed by Mass, in which the Postulants were veiled with Mantillas and presented with copies of the the Divine Office and Praying Companion. A surprise party took place afterwards, which was organised by the second-year postulants.

Vaccinations begin for our Ghanaian sisters

ghanavaccination 250x25029 MARCH, 2021. Great news! Our sisters in Ghana have started to receive their Covid-19 vaccinations. Earlier this month, Dr Irene Balakpa SSL was the first sister in the Ghana region to be vaccinated!

Happy 100th Birthday to Sr Mary Brophy

marybrophy250x25025 FEBRUARY, 2021. We send a warm “Happy Birthday” to Sr Mary Brophy SSL, who celebrated her 100th birthday on Tuesday, February 23. Sr Mary is a resident of Castleross Nursing Home, Carrickmacross, Ireland, where all the stops were pulled out, despite Covid-19 restrictions, with flowers and balloons in abundance.

Irene Balakpa SSL graduates from Medical School

irenebalakpa 250x25025 FEBRUARY, 2021. Congratulations to Irene Balakpa SSL from our Ghana region, who graduated from Hebei North Medical University in 2020, after six long hard years of study. Her swearing in ceremony for The Ghana Medical and Dental Council and Ghana Medical Association took place in December.

Jubilee celebrations for three Nigeria St Louis schools

nigeriajubilees 250x25025 FEBRUARY, 2021. We are absolutely delighted to celebrate not one, but three, jubilee celebrations at St Louis Schools in Nigeria, less than one month apart: on January 18, 2021, St Louis Secondary School, Kano, celebrated its 70th anniversary; on February 3, St Louis Grammar School, Ikere-Ekiti, celebrated its Diamond Jubilee; and finally, on February 11, St Louis Grammar School, Mokola, Ibadan, also celebrated its Diamond Jubilee.