Sisters of St Louis Primary School in Republic of Benin celebrates its first anniversary

benin 250x25025 NOV, 2021. The Sisters of St Louis Primary School in Savé, in the Republic of Benin celebrated its first anniversary on October 10, 2021. Known as the Ecole Maternelle Primaire Belingue St Louis de Savé, it is a bilingual school and has 85 students enrolled from Maternelle 1 to Primary 2.

Meet our Ghanaian Sisters elected to the CLT 2021-2027

augustinamary 250x25025 NOV, 2021. Meet Augustina Agyirey-Kwakye SSL and Mary Owusu-Frimpong SSL, our two Ghanaian Sisters that have been elected to the CLT 2021-2027. Augustina and Mary are new to Central Leadership and we are delighted to introduce them both, and share a brief interview we conducted with them! Our other two CLT members, Patricia Ojo SSL and Ann Concannon SSL are veteran CLT members; Patricia is serving on the current CLT and Ann Concannon SSL served on the CLT from 2003 to 2009.

My Memories of Africa - Sheila McGovern SSL

sheila 250x25025 NOV, 2021. In 1955, Sheila McGovern SSL left Ireland for Nigeria, where she spent over 25 years in total on Mission. The majority of this time was spent at St Louis Secondary School, Kano, where she taught Maths, English, Music and Religion. She also spent time in Zonkwa, teaching in the Women’s Teachers Training College. A two-part series was published in the Sisters of St Louis’ monthly newsletter Musings.

The life of one of our SSL founders, Marie Madeleine Louise Humann, 1766-1836

louisehumann 250x25028 OCT, 2021. The origins of the Sisters of St Louis can be traced back to 1797, to Turkenstein near Strasbourg, when three people (Abbé Louis Joseph Colmar, Marie Madeline Louise Humann, and Thérèse Brek) signed a spiritual act of union, where they promised to remain united together in the heart of Christ until death, to fulfil Christ’s prayer. Madeleine Louise Humann was born on September 29, 1766, in Fessenheim, near Strasbourg. Louis Colmer was six years old and Marie Thérèse Brek, 11.

The ‘Sensation’ caused by the Sisters arrival in Monaghan in 1859

sensationnunsmonaghan 250x25028 OCT, 2021. The Sisters of St Louis archivist was delighted to receive an article written by Denis Coloran Rushe, an historian, who was a pupil of the Infant School in North Road in Monaghan when it was run by the Sisters of St Louis! The article delights in the ‘Sensation’ caused by the Sisters arrival in Monaghan in 1859.

General Chapter 2021 - Day 10 - October 9, 2021

gc 250x25011 OCT, 2021. Our hearts are filled with gratitude on Day 10 of the General Chapter, as we leave Chapter 2021 and return to our own Area to share the message and outcomes of our time together in Accra, Ghana.