St Louis School’s Handbook Series, Part 8. Living Sint Unum through migration

handbook8 250x25017 DEC, 2020. This final article in the series shows how the Sisters of St Louis Charism, Sint Unum, impacts on migration. Sint Unum shows that it is an implicit principle that touches on diversity, differences and divergences in human race and ideology and is a value that promotes tolerance, equity, justice, peaceful co-existence, humane virtues, and Christian values. When all this is achieved, our world will be healed, unified and transformed.

AAVE Group celebrate 25 years

AAVE 25 250x25017 DEC, 2020. The AAVE group was co-founded by Margaret Hosty SSL in 1995 in Goiânia, Brazil, to support those living with HIV/AIDS. This year, the group is celebrating 25 years of commitment to people living with HIV/AIDS and they have been making a series of videos to commemorate the anniversary.

New Sisters of St Louis School opens its doors in Savé, Republic of Benin

save school 250x25026 NOV, 2020. The newly-established École Maternelle et Primaire Bilingue Saint Louis de Savé, République du Bénin, welcomed its first 23 students to its school on September 28, 2020. The school, owned and run by the Sisters of St Louis, was officially opened on October 10, 2020 by his lordship, Mgr François-Xavier Gnonhossou SMA.

St Louis School’s Handbook Series, Part 7. Living Sint Unum through Ecology and the Universe

handbook7 250x25026 NOV, 2020. In the seventh article in the eight-part series on the St Louis School’s Handbook of Education, we look at how we can live Sint Unum through Ecology and the Universe. The article covers Section 10 of the Handbook, Sint Unum: Ecology, the Urgent Question of the Care of the Planet, and focuses on how attention to Ecology and The Universe is lived out in the St Louis Schools.

Implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for Migrants and Refugees in the UK

migrantsUK 250x25026 NOV, 2020. Governments say we must get used to living with Covid-19 as the new normal. That is fine for the likes of us, but it is not fine for the millions of migrant and refugee peoples living in the UK and other European countries. Sarah, a single mother with a four-year-old son, was employed as a housekeeper, earning wages that barely sustained them. At the March lockdown, Sarah was dismissed from her job for fear she would infect the household. She was given her last week’s wages and that was it.

Covid-19 challenges for Louisville Juice and Water Factory, Ghana

louisvillewater 250x25026 NOV, 2020. Production at the Louisville Juice and Water factory, located on the grounds of St Louis Senior High School, Kumasi, Ghana, has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. The factory produces orange and sobolo juice, and water. Its main customers are the Louisville High School students, staff and other workers. At a recent meeting with the factory staff, financial status of the business was examined, and although sales have gone down drastically, the sisters have been able to keep the 12 employees at work.