Ewulu weeps! SSL and local community seriously affected by flooding


ewulu_floods_relief_supplies24 OCT, 2012.  When Janet Makinde SSL from the Provincial Leadership Team arrived in Ewulu on October 2 to assess the flood situation, she could not believe her eyes. The flood that was just gathering a week earlier during her previous visit to the sisters, had turned into a river almost impossible to cross, even with a canoe.
Really frightened, she stood and gazed into the sky for a while wondering how she would bring her sisters out of "this mighty water". She took a deep breath and prayed Psalm 121, "I lift up my eyes to the mountains, from where shall come my help....", made the sign of the Cross and boarded the canoe that had two other passengers in it.
Her heart beat faster than she had ever experienced in all her life and lost count of the number or type of prayers she made during the six-to-eight-minute journey. She shook like a fish out of water all the way and couldn't thank God enough when she arrived safely at the other end.
Althought she saw the signpost to the convent there was no access road, as it had been covered by the flood. She quickly called the sisters on her phone to ask for help, and they had made a pathway to the convent through one of the hamlets in Ewulu.
The flood that was almost at knee level had risen to waist level a few days later when they left. Deo gratias for their safety especially during the canoe drive.
Only a few houses were not affected by the flooding. Even the king's palace was not spared. People were initially trapped, as only a few good canoes were available to transport people and their belongings. Many couldn't afford the money and headed for their farms only to discover that they had also been flooded. The sisters gave as much assistance as they could and in return, two women stayed back to help take care of the pigs. A man also volunteered to provide a canoe for the women's ride to the convent.
Thanks to the sisters who have organised a truckload of relief materials for the community. The sisters in Ewulu, some of the local people and Janet, started distributing the materials to the displaced people on October 11. The women, children, aged, challenged and men are all co-habiting in the only government school in Ewulu, and in two other makeshift camps. Through the efforts of the SSL Central Leadership Team, Misean Cara also gave significant emergency funding.
Psalm 93 is more real now than ever, "...The waters have lifted up their voice O Lord....The Lord rules supreme in heaven, greater than the mighty waters, more glorious than the waves of the sea...."
Come O Lord! O come for our saving!