New Associates in Brazil

29 NOV, 2012. Thirty-six years ago three Sisters of St Louis set out for the new mission foundation in Brazil. And, 36 years later, three sisters (again!), including one of the pioneers, are reinitiating the Associate movement of the Sisters of St Louis in Brazil.
This is not the first time there have been associates in Brazil. We had associates for at least 10 years until approximately 2005, but it was in a less formal way. However, following the 2008 International Associates Meeting in California, we decided we would reinitiate the movement here. And, that is what we are doing now.
Our first meeting was held in early November, 2012, with our three prospective associates: Suely, who left the community in 2009, but expressed a desire to be an associate, her husband Cleverson, and Fátima, who was one of our original associates in the 1990s.
All six of us are grateful, encouraged and energized by this new beginning, and we look forward to sharing news and progress with you in future editions of Musings.