Good progress made by the St Louis Schools Forum

may 2015 worldwaterday 250x25027 MAY, 2015. The focus of the Forum in the early months has been on inviting the St Louis Schools to join the Forum and identifying an appropriate Contact Person, usually the school Principal, vice Principal or a teacher. To date, 32 schools in the following St Louis Areas across the world had joined the Forum and identified a Contact Person – California (6), France (1), England (1), Ghana (5), Ireland (4), and Nigeria (15).

A special members area on the Sisters of St Louis website has been set up, where schools can access information relevant to the St Louis ethos of education. A Facebook Group has also been set up for the exchange of information and to allow two-way dialogue in relation to all things relevant to St Louis education. This Group facilitates discussion on all issues and allows the SLSF to create ideas for experiential activities for the students. The ultimate goal is to engage the school children in a way that they understand and appreciate how the St Louis charism Sint Unum (That all may be one) underpins the four pillars of St Louis education, namely Education, Migration, Care of the Earth, and Ecumenism. To date, almost half of the 32 schools have joined this Group on Facebook, and we look forward to the remainder of them coming on board soon.

The SLSF has identified key dates in the academic calendar that it will focus on as a way of promoting Sint Unum in the schools in very practical and identifiable ways. These include: International Women’s Day on March 8, World Water Day on March 22, World Biodiversity Day on May 22, World Environment day on June 5, World Refugee Day on June 20, International Day of Peace on September 21, International Human Rights Day on December 10 and International Migrants Day on December 18.

The Forum has already dipped its toes in the proverbial water by celebrating the following days: UN World Water Day on March 22, World Labour Day on May 1, and World Biodiversity Day on May 22. You can read about the schools that took part in World Water Day in Issue 41 of Musings, the monthly newsletter of the Sisters of St Louis, and World Labour Day in Issue 42, and how they celebrated these days. We will also have a report on World Biodiversity Day in the next issue of Musings, due out at the end of June.

The Forum is still in its infancy, but we hope that through it, each St Louis school student will be enriched by the spirit of Sint Unum, and we look forward to achieving this through a two-way communications process among all schools in the Forum.