Associate Movement alive and well

associates 250x25024 MAR, 2016. The St Louis Associates is a movement of lay women and men who choose to associate in a formal way with the St Louis Institute. Unlike the sisters, who take religious vows, associates make formal annual commitments of time and skills to the St Louis Mission. They too are guided by the vision of our founders.

The Associate movement began in 1984 in California, and expanded and developed in Ghana, Ireland and Nigeria. Today the Associate movement is flourishing throughout the Institute with more than 300 members. Sisters welcome and encourage associates to join them for prayer, celebrations, and those gatherings that focus on our search for oneness and its expression in our daily lives.  
To read more about the Associates, click on the Associates section of our website.

In the latest edition of our monthly newsletter Musings, we are happy to report on two recent gatherings of Associates in different parts of the world. The annual California Associates Lenten retreat took place and was attended by 25 Associates and six Sisters of St Louis. The theme, “Vocation to Transformation”, emphasized personal healing, unity and transformation in order to use our gifts in the world. And in Ghana, the Associates gathered at the church of Annunciation at St Louis Senior High School, for a Lenten reflection on the self sacrifice of Jesus in saving us from our sins.

To read more about both Associate gatherings, click on the latest edition of Musings, our monthly newsletter - Issue 51.