Double graduation joy in Dawhan, Ethiopia

ethiopiagraduations 250x2502 AUG, 2017. June was a time of joy and absolute satisfaction for the Sisters of St Louis in Dawhan, Ethiopia, as they witnessed the rewards of their hard work both at the Women Empowerment Centre and the Holy Saviour Kindergarten and Lower Primary School.

On June 3, five women graduated from the six-month embroidery training course at our Women Empowerment Centre in Dawhan, Ethiopia. Between December 2016 and May 2017, they learned different embroidery designs on bed sheets, tablecloths, chair backs, and serviettes etc. At the end of the program they were sent away to establish on their own embroidery businesses in the rural community.

On June 22, 46 children graduated from the Holy Saviour Kindergarten and Lower Primary School in Dawhan. It was a day of joy for the children and their parents. Each parent brought a bouquet of flowers to present to their wards, as their tradition demands. All classes, including the graduating class, either recited a poem or sang a song for their parents. The most beautiful part of the ceremony was the St Louis Sisters’ presentation of a special gift to student Sharon Belay Reda. Sharon, one of the graduating children in KG3, was always ready to assist Bereket Grimay, a child with special needs in her class. She always helped Bereket with his feeding, putting on and taking off his sandals, his hygiene needs and his obedience of the school bells.

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