Beneficiaries of Ajosepo Project thank retired teacher Micky Gribbon

mickygribbon 250x2502 AUG, 2017. St Genevieve’s High School, Belfast, teacher, Micky Gribbon, recently retired, and the Sisters of St Louis made a “Thank you” video for Micky, to show their appreciation of the positive impact his Ajosepo Project has made on the lives of children and others in Ethiopia and Nigeria.

For 25 years, Micky has made a lasting impact through the Ajosepo Committee and other St Louis Missions. The Committee works with students and staff to raise funds for SSL overseas missions, and in recent years has focused on supporting a feeding programme in our Holy Saviour Kindergarten school in Dawhan, Ethiopia, the construction of the St Louis Nursery and Primary School in Ondo, Nigeria, and the support of homebound (housebound) people in Oka, Nigeria.

Please take a look at the video below to show the wonderful affect the Ajosepo Project has had on the lives of these people.

 To read more about the retirement function where the video was shown, click on the latest edition of Musings, our monthly newsletter - Issue 66.