Five National Awards for St Louis Schools

schoolsnetwork 250x25030 MAY, 2018. April 24, 2018, was a proud day for the St Louis Schools’ Network and its participating schools at the 5th Annual Conference of WorldWise Global Schools. Five schools from the St Louis Schools’ Network were awarded their Diplomatic WorldWise Global Passport Award for 2017-2018, for the 2nd time. Congratulations to Blakestown Community School, St Louis Grammar School, Kilkeel, St Louis Community School, Kiltimagh, St Louis Secondary School, Monaghan and Ramsgrange Community School.

Facilitated by Michael Doorly from Concern Worldwide, the Conference was opened with stimulating and motivating words. Speaking on what it means to be a Global Citizen, Michael began by sharing what he, as a young boy, had learned about being a good citizen, “a good citizen obeys the law, pays taxes and votes!” Global Citizenship, however, is more than this. Global Citizenship, not only obeys the law, but challenges the law. “Before you finish your breakfast,” he said, “you will have depended on half the world. Your consumer power has an impact on people around the world.” Quoting Bono from the Irish world-famous band U2, we were reminded that, “where you live should not determine whether you live.”  

To read more about the 5th Annual Conference of WorldWise Global Schools and the awarding of the WorldWise Global Passport Award’s for 2017-2018, click on the latest edition of Musings, our monthly newsletter - Issue 75.