New Trusteeship for Cours Bautain

juilly 250x25028 JUNE, 2018. The Cours Bautain school in Juilly, France, becomes Cours Bautain-La Salle, as the first phase of the transfer of the trusteeship of Cours Bautain from the Sisters of St Louis to the De La Salle brothers is completed.

Following a long discernment and search for an alternative trusteeship for Cours Bautain, the CLT asked Bishop Jean-Yves Nahmias, bishop of Meaux, to allow SL to transfer trusteeship to the De La Salle Congregation. The bishop, having initially considered assuming the trusteeship for the diocese, gave agreement for the transfer, subject to the establishment of a Lycée (final years of 2nd level education). In order to meet that condition, Cours Bautain would need to acquire new buildings.

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