Sage advice from Sisters to Louisville, Woodland Hills, Class of 2019

mariagoretticrowley 250x25028 FEB, 2019. Maria Goretti Crowley SSL was a guest speaker at the 2019 Louisville High School, Woodland Hills, California, Heritage Liturgy, which is celebrated every year during Catholic Schools’ week. During this liturgy the graduating class receives a copy of a quotation from one of the Sisters of St Louis founders.

The quotation Sr Maria chose for the Class of 2019, was our founder, Abbé Louis Bautain:

“Give to the young under your direction, your care and your affection, try to touch their hearts by the care you show them, as it were under the shadow of your wings.”

She went on to say to the graduating students, “Always remember that you belong to a Louisville family, a family of memory, who loves and cares about you. And as you journey through your various paths of life, know that you will always find a welcome mat at the door of your Alma Mater and someone with a listening ear, who will give you a hug and with whom you can share your joys and struggles. Stay connected to your Louisville family; to your classmates and your teachers, come back for Reunions. When you go away to college, stay close to your parents.”

“Our founder, Abbé Louis Bautain, wrote, ‘We must lean on our origins and keep our traditions alive, so that our St Louis Family never dies.’ This year, the Sisters of St Louis, celebrate 70 years in California. For the past 70 years we have been planting seeds, and our graduates are our fruits and blossoms. We are proud of our graduates.

May we all strive daily to bring about a world that is healed, unified and transformed. As a Louisville family, may we always be a blessing for each other and for all those we meet. Amen.”

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