Tribute paid to the St Louis sisters and their contribution to Carrickmacross over last 130 years

carrick 250x25030 MAY, 2019. Three hundred people were packed into the Ballroom Suite of the Nuremore Hotel, Carrickmacross on the evening of May 9, for what was truly a memorable evening of celebration, gratitude, grace and …sadly, farewell!
The evening was the brainchild of retired staff members and local historian, Mr Pat Byrne. They worked together to produce a tribute to the St Louis sisters and their contribution to Carrickmacross over the last 130 years. Those present were whisked across the years from the poverty of post-famine Ireland, when St Louis sisters ministered in the workhouse, through a series of decades that have left an indelible cultural and educational print on Carrickmacross and its outlying districts.
Two DVDs, produced by Pat Byrne, were launched on the night. One has recorded - in a series of personal interviews and expert photography - the sisters’ lives, vocation, spirituality, service and ultimate pain of leaving their convent home. They share their initial motivation for becoming religious, their passion for teaching and mission life, and the massive ecclesial changes they have encountered over the years. The second DVD outlines the development of the Carrickmacross lace industry, which was narrated by Enda McMullan SSL and others, who have made stellar contributions to this internationally-loved product.

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