The challenges of Covid-19 for the AAVE Group in Brazil

brazil covid 250x25028 MAY, 2020. The AAVE Group in Goiânia, Brazil, were left without income following the lockdown of Goiás state on March 19 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Co-founded in 1995 by Margaret Hosty SSL, the AAVE Group work with people living with HIV/AIDS. Following lockdown, the group had to find alternate ways that they could continue to support their clients.

The group had been receiving monthly donations from 15 parishes and a few schools, and their income came to an abrupt halt when the schools and churches closed. During the month of April only one parish gave their monthly donation! Because of the lack of income for AAVE and for the poor with whom they work, AAVE got to work quickly and intensely to find funds and resources from other sources and that is what has been keeping them fully occupied! Thankfully they have received generous donations of food, hygiene materials and money from friends, donors, Sisters and organizations.

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