St Louis School’s Handbook Series, Part 3. St Louis Crest – The Logo of all St Louis Schools

crest 250x33028 MAY, 2020. In this third article in the eight-part series on the St Louis School’s Handbook of Education, we look at the St Louis Crest. The Sisters of St Louis Crest is used in all St Louis Schools and shows in symbols the ideals and traditions that we love and want to remember always.

The words on the Sisters of St Louis Crest are their two mottos, Ut Sint Unum and Dieu le Veult. Ut Sint Unum, translated from Latin means, “May they all be one”, and Dieu le Veult, translated from French means, “God Wills It”. The Crest contains a Sword circled with the Crown of Thorns, which reminds us that our patron St Louis went to defend the Christians in the Holy Land at the behest of the Church. The Gold Chain represents a strong bond of true Christian unity. The Gold Chain and the Sword form the shape of the cross of Christ. The Fleur-de-Lys is the emblem of the Kings of France, where the St Louis family originated, and the Tower with a Red Hand, are symbols from the Coat of Arms of the town of Monaghan, the Irish motherhouse founded from Juilly, France in 1859.

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