Remote Ewulu community in Nigeria donates to the needy during Covid-19 pandemic

ewulucovid 250x25028 JULY, 2020. Four sisters live in our remotest community in Ewulu, Delta State. The community was established approximately 25 years ago, and concentrates mainly on the managing of its Farm, the Louis Bautain Farm, where they grow and harvest palm fruit and cassava, rear pigs, and have a catfish farm, among other things. Times have been particularly difficult for the sisters and the wider Ewulu community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 hit the sisters at the farm when they were least prepared, as they were in the middle of some construction work and renovations, and the price of materials became much higher than budgeted and work had to stop. The sisters couldn’t get feed for their birds and pigs either due to the restriction of movement of people. Markets were closed, and there was suddenly a scarcity of daily essentials for the people. Many people who were previously living from hand to mouth could now hardly afford one meal per day. The sisters wrote to Missio for grant aid, to augment the efforts of the government in helping the vulnerable, and to the glory of God it was granted. The money they received was used to purchase foodstuff and distributed to those who needed the support. These included rice, palm oil, salt, tinned tomatoes and soup seasoning, and were a thing of joy to the beneficiaries.

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