St Louis School’s Handbook Series, Part 5. Living Sint Unum through Education

handbook education 250x25030 SEPT, 2020. In this fifth article in the eight-part series on the St Louis School’s Handbook of Education, we look at how we can live Sint Unum through education. Published in 2008, the St Louis Handbook of Education offers a framework for the education that takes place within our schools and beyond. For Louis Bautain, founder of the Institute of St Louis in 1842, education was a way of fulfilling Sint Unum, “That we may be One”, (John 17:21). As an educator, Bautain sought to live Sint Unum, by inviting people to work towards a “world healed, unified and transformed”. It is so lovely to see that, in 2020 and throughout the world, there are visible signs of this motto on both school walls and classroom materials, as well as on the uniforms worn by the students. And it is great to see Louis Bautain’s vision and legacy of education being lived out in St Louis Schools today.

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