Busy times at Bakhita Empowerment Centre, Lagos, Nigeria

bakhita 250x25030 JUNE, 2021. The last few months have been extremely busy at the Bakhita Empowerment Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. The Bakhita Empowerment Centre for survivors of human trafficking provides accommodation for up to 20 women, counselling, reintegration, skills acquisition, mindset-reset, and opportunities for uniting the survivors with their families. The building has a visitor’s room, chapel, conference room, offices, laundry facilities and kitchen.

Some of the activities that kept the centre busy included:
• Visits to Ipaja market with our Treasures to create awareness and educate the people on the dangers and evils of human trafficking.
• Speaking on several radio stations about human trafficking.
• Hosting many visits from groups and organizations, on fact finding missions,
• Receiving visits from former treasures.
• Attending a workshop/seminar on Human Trafficking.
• Welcoming five new Treasures into the Shelter,
• Integrating our Treasures back into society following completion of their training.
• Witnessing the Baptism and first Holy Communion of one of the Treasures.

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