A look back on the first two days of the General Chapter

4 OCT, 2021. With great joy, we arrived in Accra for the second part of our general chapter. The opening on September 30, was contemplative and moving, as the Central Leadership Team called us to the sacred space and presented symbols recalling the themes that stay with us from our institute conversations, symbols evoking Sint Unum, fire for mission, partnership and collaboration, contemplation, diversity, climate change, and the Actuarial Study. After readings and faith sharing, Institute Leader, Wini Ojo SSL, gave a challenging and encouraging opening address and declared the Chapter open. 

October 1 was devoted to continuing to form as a discerning body, reflection and sharing on our Chapter theme (Is 43). Our Nigerian sisters sang their national anthem to mark Independence Day and all the younger members honoured the senior members among us, bowing, and some even kneeling in homage to mark the International Day for the Elderly.

Our facilitators guided us through the usual chapter beginnings: introductions, 
sharing hopes for this chapter and the values we want to live. All showed great 
generosity in volunteering for the various committees to serve the chapter and we 
closed with a brief reflection on the day.

To view more images from Day 1 and 2 of the General Chapter, click HERE.

Bríd Long SSL, Christie Kure SSL and Mary Owusu Frimpong SSL - Communications Committee