General Chapter 2021 - Day 4 - October 3, 2021

gc day4 250x2505 OCT, 2021. The Communications Committee - Bríd Long SSL, Mary Owusu Frimpong SSL, and Christie Kure SSL - reflect on the Opening Mass on Sunday, October 3, and how they felt the presence of all sisters across the Institute during the Mass.

 Dear Sisters,

Tonight, as I write in the chapter room, there are just two tables playing Rummikub, two sisters chatting, and the rest must be in bed after what has been a beautiful day. As you can imagine, all of you were very present to us during the Opening Mass today, and hopefully you recognized faces of sisters you already met during our online conversations.

The Mass in the chapter room was joyful, colorful, multilingual, fully participative and full of contemplative energy. Ann Concannon SSL’s reflection after Communion was masterful and particularly touching. We hope the entire text will be available in Musings, so just her opening lines here:

“We have just received the Eucharist, marking a high point of our participation in this celebration. We participated throughout, of course, in many ways, especially as we brought our gifts to the altar, including flags of all our countries to symbolize all our sisters at home who are praying with us today. But the central offering was the bread and wine. Bread through which we brought to the Eucharist so many of the elements of creation – bread which was baked from flour milled from wheat grown from the earth through the help of the sun’s energy, the water from the rain, the bacteria in the soil. We could say the same of the wine, so that between them we bring symbolically to the Eucharist the whole of creation. And we who bring the gifts are also bringing the whole community of life within us - the elements of stardust and of earth, the water of the oceans, the oxygen of the air, and the totality of evolution carried within our DNA and wonderful, complex brains.”

With Ann’s closing, our thoughts went back to all of you, as she reminded us, “Our online conversations earlier this year returned again and again to Sint Unum, to the concept of interconnectedness - among us as SSL, among us and all who suffer, and between us humans and the other-than-human parts of the community of life, with our basic call being oneness with God. Jesus is the one who embodies the very oneness of God, coming to restore the oneness of humankind and of the universe. … which brings us back to the beginning and our bread and wine. We are already connected to the whole community of life and the cosmos itself. The call is to live this connectedness in a conscious way, as individuals and as SSL and to be its witnesses. May it be so!”

Our work today picked up on various aspects of Sint Unum and we spent the last hour of the day in a circle, clarifying what we had heard, deepening our understanding and continuing to discern the way forward.

We know you are with us on our journey and we send you blessings from this beautiful land.

The communications committee,
Bríd Long SSL, Mary Owusu Frimpong SSL, and Christie Kure SSL

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