General Chapter 2021 - Day 6 - October 5, 2021

gc day6 250x2506 OCT, 2021. On October 5, we reached the halfway point of General Chapter, 2021. For morning prayer, we reflected and shared on the prayer of Teresa of Avila: Christ has no hands but your hands…

Dear Sisters,

Well, we have reached the halfway point. For morning prayer, we reflected and shared on the prayer of Teresa of Avila: Christ has no hands but your hands…

As we are entering into discernment for institute leadership, it was timely that we take up the question of structure: where we are now and what it will look like? In addition to the detailed CLT report we all received last year and discussed on Zoom, Wini Ojo SSL, Bridget Ehlert SSL, Pat Ojo SSL and Jo Apiagyei SSL presented the work of the CLT in relation to developing Area structures and coordination of our efforts at institute level; signs of growth and encouragement in the Institute as well as challenges and concerns; the actual work of CLT (C. 103); leadership as service, the importance of working as team among themselves and with Area teams. We read their summary handouts and they were happy to respond to any request for elaboration or clarification.

Group work and sharing in Assembly followed with the question: Having heard all this, what is the role of CLT? By lunchtime, we were ready to celebrate our outgoing CLT, not only for their sharing during the morning but also for their dedicated and generous service to the Institute over the past six years. Our beautiful Ghanaian helpers, Mary Ancilla Akoto SSL and Lucy Mary Afful SSL, quietly and always at the right moment, know how to find excellent wine to accompany the midday meal.

The work continued in the afternoon with the question: In the light of all the discussions and what we are saying about Sint Unum, what structures do we need to put in place, or change, in relation to:
a) the location of the generalate
b) residence of CLT
c) composition of CLT
d) Institute commissions

This discussion will continue tomorrow in the same contemplative, discerning atmosphere. We almost forgot to say Chapter is like a well-oiled machine as we all volunteer to carry some part of the load: leading prayer, writing/editing, minute taking and secretary, communications, social, and support staff, all coordinated by the steering committee and facilitators.

Stay tuned each day to what is communicated under the NEWS heading on the website

Love from the Communications Committee,
Bríd Long SSL, Mary Owusu Frimpong SSL, and Christie Kure SSL


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