General Chapter 2021 - Day 7 - October 6, 2021

gc day7b 250x250Day 7, October 6, 2021

Dear Sisters,

Everything in Chapter is developing in a climate of discernment, faith sharing, respectful listening and sharing. We are aware that the ground was well prepared with the inclusion of entire Institute from the beginning, the work of CLT and those who coordinated our initial conversations in each Area. Over the months, our conversations deepened immensely under the able, discerning and insightful facilitation of Margaret O’Brien OSU and Brother Nee. And now, with the aid of Brother Nee and Sr Olivia, we feel we are reaping the benefits of our Institute reflection, intercultural conversations, and prayer.

Today, we approved minutes, offered feedback on a draft document presented by the writing committee, encouraging them to keep up the good work, of course! We shared further on our desired CLT structure until we were satisfied that we were ready to begin the process of nominations in its various steps. We celebrated Mass in the Chapter room with Fr. Anthony Asare and, for the first time, returned to work a little more after supper so that the sisters whom we are inviting to be available to serve the Institute at this moment in our history would have overnight and part of tomorrow morning to discern their response.

You will understand that we may not have much “news” to relate in our daily communication until after the election process has been completed. Rest assured, however, that our Institute is and will be in good hands.

This evening, we are having a real tropical storm, warm rain falling in huge drops and lightening streaking the sky. This may continue all through tomorrow like a blessing from heaven helping us to see with clearer vision. The country itself seems to invite contemplation, gentleness and kindness in our way of relating. Most of us haven’t gone outside the hotel gate since we arrived but our beautiful hotel staff and our sisters must surely reflect the environment. Those of us coming from the global north are relishing the fresh, ripe, sweet, juicy fruit that grows plentifully here – papaya, pineapple, miniature bananas, watermelon, oranges – nothing like what we find in our supermarkets!

Goodnight and God bless from the communications committee,

Bríd Long SSL, Mary Owusu-Frimpong SSL, and Christie Kure SSL


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