General Chapter 2021 - Day 8 - October 7, 2021

gc centrepiece 250x250Dear Sisters,

We won’t be sending much news today as we have a few more formalities to take care of before election of the Institute Leadership Team that will lead our direction and our Institute forward, with the inclusion and collaboration of all of us, over the next six years. We prayed, shared, listened, explored in order to gather the information we needed and sift through it, sharing what we needed to share and allowing ourselves to be influenced by what we heard. By the end of the day, we had simply and joyfully reached full consensus on our CLT by the end of the day. It was both touching and gratifying.

Since we can’t just send a one-paragraph letter, we noticed that so many have sent messages to the Chapter. We gathered some of these together to share with you as we are very aware of being carried by the prayer, interest and support of so many SSLs and others. Apart from messages and blessings from Bishops and leaders of other congregations, we also heard from our own sisters and Associates. Here is a flavoring:

To CLT: My best wishes to each of you for a grace-filled Chapter. Thank you for all you have done to bring us to this moment. May the Holy Spirit lead you and all the delegates in the direction that God desires for our Institute. Be assured of my support and my prayers.

To CLT: As you embark on your journey to Ghana, I pray that you will be safe and well. I will be praying for you all daily during Chapter. May the Spirit guide you as you listen, discern, and decide what is best at this time in our SSL history. “Behold I make all things new” has been very much part of my Chapter prayer. May we be open to God’s newness at this time. Thank you for all you did to help us prepare for Chapter.

To CLT: Greetings to you, to the Chapter delegates and to all who are helping you in various ways. I lit a candle for you here in Knock this morning and I pray that all will go well with you in the days ahead. Stay safe, be happy and don’t work too hard. I thank God for you all.

It is great to receive the daily Chapter report.

Thank you for the daily letter.

Thank you for the daily updates from Chapter. You are enabling each of us to feel very close to you all and the sacred work you are engaged in.

At today’s Associate Leadership Team meeting, we thought it would be wonderful if Bríd or Michele could give us a little summary of Chapter for the Associates at our October 16 meeting.

I look forward to my read each morning. You are getting to a crucial point and my prayers are doubled! May the Spirit be with you all! I keep saying Louis Bautain’s prayer, “Lord, lead them, enlighten them, show them the way.”

Goodnight and God bless from the communications committee,
Bríd Long SSL, Mary Owusu-Frimpong SSL, and Christie Kure SSL