General Chapter 2021 - Day 9 - October 8, 2021

gc day9 250x250Dear Sisters,

You can’t imagine the sheer joy of this day! The beautiful, contemplative prayer and faith sharing set the tone, as always. After some conversation about roles, we sent the team off to clarify among themselves. Within 10 minutes they were back! Pat announced that they had had their first CLT meeting, that team was more important to them than roles, yet they followed the Constitutions and agreed on the roles.

After a suitable break, we moved to elections. It was quite moving to see four African sisters conducting the elections, with Georgina Edwine presiding with solemnity, grace and simplicity. She was aided by our three youngest delegates as tellers and secretary. You have already received the results from CLT:

Institute Leader: Patricia Ojo
Assistant Institute Leader/team member: Ann Concannon
Treasurer/team member: Augustina Agirey-Kwakye
Team member: Mary Owusu-Frimpong

We are filled with emotion as we continue to congratulate them and thank them; we feel for them as they face leaving their home and/or very demanding ministries where they won’t easily be replaced (Mary said, “My bishop will cry.”); we pray for them and know that the entire Institute will support them and walk the journey together with them. God has graced St Louis with the very finest women to lead us for the next six years and there are plenty more coming after them!

Singing, dancing and story telling continued throughout the morning and again after supper. Did we do any “work”? Of course! We received the report of the team that examined the CLT Financial Report and we offered a few edits (mostly cosmetic) to the final document, which will be presented tomorrow for formal approval.

We can’t close without expressing our deep gratitude to Bridget, Jo, Pat and Wini for bringing us this far. Never has the entire Institute been so engaged in a Chapter journey. This can only continue!

Goodnight and God bless from the communications committee,

Bríd Long SSL, Mary Owusu-Frimpong SSL, and Christie Kure SSL


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