General Chapter 2021 - Day 10 - October 9, 2021

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Dear Sisters,

Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we leave Chapter 2021 and return to our own Area to share the message and outcomes of our time together in Accra, Ghana. So many sisters have written to tell us how they looked forward to our Chapter bulletin and photos each day. We carried all of you and so many others in our hearts and minds. Be sure to listen to the messages from Patricia Ojo, our newly elected Institute Leader and Mercy Boateng, our host in Ghana!

Bro Nee and Sr Olivia brought our ship to port gently and efficiently: delegates from each Area planned how and when they will share the Chapter back home; we approved minutes, completed our evaluation and said goodbye and thanks in our various groups.

The Closing Ritual was solemn, joyful and meaningful: CLT missioned delegates back to their Areas, then symbolically handed over to Patricia, Ann, Augustina and Mary; we expressed our gratitude to all who helped us in big and small ways; tears of appreciation flowed freely through our smiles as Winifred Ojo declared Chapter 2021 closed.

Before supper, a doctor arrived in full protective gear, to administer the PCR test we need in order to be cleared for travel to some countries.

Echoing our beloved Louis Bautain, we return home tomorrow “with hearts open wide.” Medaase, medasse, medasse!

God bless from the communications committee,

Bríd Long SSL, Mary Owusu-Frimpong SSL, and Christie Kure SSL


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