Archives are about the future, not the past

archive 250x25022 DEC, 2021. Twenty-six Sisters of St Louis gathered virtually for a five-day webinar in November, to deliberate on how best to tell our stories through the archives and how best to preserve them.

Organised by the Central Leadership Team, the purpose of the meeting was to:
• talk about our heritage, how to preserve it and benefit from it into the future;
• give the participants an opportunity to share their experiences about archives and to learn from each other;
• provide input on changes in Religious run archives in recent years, the importance of keeping archives, and the history of SSL archives;
• discuss the Institute’s preservation of archives and access policy;
• collaborate with the CLT in planning for the future of the archives throughout the Institute.

The participants were all thrilled at the insights gained and how bright the future is for our archives, after listening to the knowledgeable and well-articulated presentations from the different presenters.

To read more about this archive webinar, click on the latest edition of our monthly newsletter Musings - Issue 114.

Photo credit: C M on Unsplash Images.