Meet our Community Nigeria – Iseyin Community

iseyin 200x20028 MARCH, 2024. We are delighted for you to meet the eight sisters from our Iseyin community. Iseyin city is in Oyo State in the southwestern region of Nigeria. It is 100km north of Ibadan. Two of the sisters are students (Francisca Nwachukwu SSL and Ruth Orunpegan SSL) and six sisters in residence - Cecilia Olusanyan SSL, Perpetua Aghoghovia SSL, Mary Theresa Ogbe SSL, Theresa Olaniyan SSL, Theresa Peter SSL, and Hauwa Lawan SSL. The sisters in this community work in education, health care and pastoral duties.
To read about each of these sisters’ ministries, and what bonds them together as a community, click on Issue 139 of our monthly newsletter Musings.