The challenges of Covid-19 for the AAVE Group in Brazil

brazil covid 250x25028 MAY, 2020. The AAVE Group in Goiânia, Brazil, were left without income following the lockdown of Goiás state on March 19 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Co-founded in 1995 by Margaret Hosty SSL, the AAVE Group work with people living with HIV/AIDS. Following lockdown, the group had to find alternate ways that they could continue to support their clients.

In solidarity with the poor of Ghana through the stormy Covid-19 pandemic

ghana covid19 solidarity 250x25029 JUN, 2020. The Sisters of St Louis in Ghana helped the homeless children, youths, mothers and families of Kumasi during the Covid-19 lockdown by donating 100 bags of pure water to the Emergency Relief Feeding Programme Project of the Street Children Project in the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi.

Covid-19 affects Bakhita Empowerment Centre for victims of human trafficking in Lagos, Nigeria

bakhita covid 250x25028 MAY, 2020. The Bakhita Empowerment Centre is located in Lagos, Nigeria, for survivors of human trafficking. It has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and since mid-March, has not been allowed to take in new victims of human trafficking.

St Louis School’s Handbook Series, Part 3. St Louis Crest – The Logo of all St Louis Schools

crest 250x33028 MAY, 2020. In this third article in the eight-part series on the St Louis School’s Handbook of Education, we look at the St Louis Crest. The Sisters of St Louis Crest is used in all St Louis Schools and shows in symbols the ideals and traditions that we love and want to remember always.

Cocooning in Knock

knock cocooning 250x25028 MAY, 2020. We saw it coming of course. Covid-19 had been steadily advancing towards the end of February. Sister Margaret Mary Joyce had already been self-isolating since the day the schools closed. And yet it came as a shock when, on the Nine O’Clock News, it was announced that cocooning for the over 70s would begin with immediate effect! Voluntary isolation is one thing, enforced cocooning, without preparation, is another!

How the St Louis Schools are coping during the Covid-19 crisis

covid schools 250x25029 APR, 2020. We are living in very extraordinary times during the Covid-19 pandemic. More than half the world’s population is in some sort of lockdown, with schools, restaurants and many stores closed, and the only places open are ones that are supplying essential services such as food, and pharmacies etc. We reached out to the St Louis School’s and invited them to share with us their experiences of the school closures, what they are doing to engage their students remotely during these unprecedented times, and any initiatives they have made to help others during the crisis.