Celebrating 100 Issues of the Sisters of St Louis newsletter, Musings

100 issues 250x25030 SEPT, 2020. The monthly enewsletter of the Sisters of St Louis is 100! Yes, the sisters have published their 100th issue of Musings, and you can read every single issue here on the Sisters of St Louis website.

St Louis School’s Handbook Series, Part 5. Living Sint Unum through Education

handbook education 250x25030 SEPT, 2020. In this fifth article in the eight-part series on the St Louis School’s Handbook of Education, we look at how we can live Sint Unum through education. Published in 2008, the St Louis Handbook of Education offers a framework for the education that takes place within our schools and beyond. For Louis Bautain, founder of the Institute of St Louis in 1842, education was a way of fulfilling Sint Unum, “That we may be One”, (John 17:21). As an educator, Bautain sought to live Sint Unum, by inviting people to work towards a “world healed, unified and transformed”. It is so lovely to see that, in 2020 and throughout the world, there are visible signs of this motto on both school walls and classroom materials, as well as on the uniforms worn by the students.

Remote Ewulu community in Nigeria donates to the needy during Covid-19 pandemic

ewulucovid 250x25028 JULY, 2020. Four sisters live in our remotest community in Ewulu, Delta State, Nigeria, where they manage the Louis Bautain Farm, growing and harvesting palm fruit and cassava, rearing pigs, and having a catfish farm, among other things. Times have been particularly difficult for the sisters and the wider Ewulu community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

St Louis School’s Handbook Series, Part 4. Celebrating St Louis Day

stlouisday 250x25029 JUN, 2020. In this fourth article in the eight-part series on the St Louis School’s Handbook of Education, we look at St Louis Day, which is celebrated on August 25, and is a day in which the Sisters of St Louis remember their Patron Saint, St Louis, King of France. It is also a day to celebrate what it means to be a Sister of St Louis and a member of the St Louis Family. The St Louis Handbook for Schools gives us resources for celebrating St Louis day. This article shares why St Louis is celebrated as our patron and the values and virtues that we can learn from St Louis as members of the St Louis Family. It also shares some of the resources contained in the St Louis Handbook for Schools, to help them celebrate St Louis Day.

First online international meeting of SSL Associates takes place

associatesonline 250x25028 JULY, 2020. On Saturday, June 20, the Sisters and Associates of Saint Louis held their first online international meeting on Zoom. About 80 people attended from Brazil, Ghana, Ireland, Nigeria and the United States. The gathering provided attendees the opportunity to meet their colleagues from other countries - many for the first time - and this was highly appreciated by all. The consensus was that our meeting was a significant success and that we should continue to hold them in the future.

The challenges of Covid-19 for the AAVE Group in Brazil

brazil covid 250x25028 MAY, 2020. The AAVE Group in Goiânia, Brazil, were left without income following the lockdown of Goiás state on March 19 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Co-founded in 1995 by Margaret Hosty SSL, the AAVE Group work with people living with HIV/AIDS. Following lockdown, the group had to find alternate ways that they could continue to support their clients.