SSL Ghana receives two postulants into novitiate

ghana postulants 250x25031 JAN, 2019. Two postulants were received into the novitiate at the Louis Bautain Formation House, Apromase, Ghana, during November and December 2018. On November 9, Sheila Ayagiba began her novitiate training, following a simple ceremony, and she was joined, on December 8, by Sophia Adu-Amankwaah.

Central Leadership Team Visitation to Nigeria Province

nigeria visitation 250x25020 DEC, 2018. In early November, members of the Central Leadership Team packed their bags and headed off to the Province of Nigeria for visitation, Provincial Assemblies and CLT Assembly Two. We were warmly welcomed in Lagos by sisters from the Marywood community and the members of the Provincial Leadership Team.

California journalist thanks Sisters after for sheltering him during wildfires

wildfires 250x25020 DEC, 2018. Journalist Dennis McCarthy was evacuated from his home in Agoura Hills, and he and five members of his family sought shelter with the Louisville community of the Sisters of St Louis for four days.

South Central LAMP celebrates 25th anniversary

lamp 25 250x25029 NOVEMBER, 2018. Margie Buttitta SSL was one of the pioneer founding sisters of South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (SC LAMP) which celebrated its 25th anniversary on October 20, 2018. SC LAMP was established in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, when eight congregations of Catholic sisters came together to find a way to help South Central, the neighborhood most impacted.

Sisters in Brazil help breastfeeding mothers living with HIV

hiv milk 250x25029 NOVEMBER, 2018. Margaret Hosty SSL, one of the co-founders of AAVE in Goiânia, Brazil, learned recently that the State of Goiás had failed to fulfill its obligation to supply powdered milk for children who are born to mothers who are poor and living with HIV.

Triple celebration in Nigeria

nigeria70 250x25030 OCT, 2018. The city of Akure, Nigeria, lit up on Monday, October 15, for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the presence of the Sisters of St Louis in Nigeria. It was also the day that four sisters made their final profession of vows and five sisters celebrated the silver jubilee of their final profession.