Happy 90th Birthday to Dympna Drury SSL

march 2015 dymna90 250x25031 MAR, 2015. Happy Birthday to Dympna Drury SSL, who celebrated her 90th birthday on February 10 in Rathmines, Dublin.

40th Anniversary of SSL School in Akure celebrated

feb 2015 akure40 250x25026 FEB, 2015. The St Louis Nursery and Primary School in Akure, Nigeria celebrated its 40th anniversary on February 3.

Happy 90th Birthday to Margaret Eaton SSL

feb 2015 margareteaton90 250x25026 FEB, 2015. Happy Birthday to Margaret Eaton SSL, who celebrated her 90th birthday at the end of December with her community in California.

Sister upgrades facilities at Leprosarium in Nigeria

jan 2015 garri Ilu ireti 250x25028 JAN, 2015. A modern garri processing kitchen, built by Bridget Nwankwo SSL, has been completed at the Ilu Ireti Leprosarium in Akure, Nigeria, thanks to the generous support of the St Francis Leprosy Guild in England.

Irish Region mourns the passing of three Sisters

jan 2015 rip 250x25028 JAN, 2015. The end of December 2014 was sadly marked by three St Louis Sisters’ funerals in the Irish Region.

Sisters of St Louis to participate in Child Safeguarding Review (2)

28 MAY, 2014. During the last few years, the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCCI) has undertaken reviews of safeguarding practice in all dioceses and larger male religious congregations in Ireland.