Issue 3 | 20 December, 2011

issue 03 01Read about…our biennial Extended Leadership Meeting in England; the St Louis Associate movement in Ireland; fundraising in California and our involvement in an inter-denominational eco project in Ireland; final vows in Nigeria; and much more… Go to newsletter

Issue 2 | 23 November, 2011

issue 02 01Read about…the receipt of a “Local Heroes” award by one of our sisters in California for her dedicated community work in LA; the first public art exhibitions for one of our sisters in Dublin; the SSL involvement in eradicating human trafficking in Africa; and much more. Go to newsletter.

Issue 1 | 26 October, 2011

issue 01 01Read about… the SSL visit to Ethiopia where they will be setting up a Mission in 2012; 10-year celebrations of the SSL in the Dassa-Zoume diocese in the Republic of Benin; Jubilee celebrations and final vow ceremonies in England and Ghana; and much more… Go to newsletter