Issue 48 | 16 Dec, 2015

nl issue48 thumnail 200x150Read about…the 20th anniversary of the AAVE Project in Brazil; the jubilee celebrations of six sisters in the California Region; the similarities between Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ and the SSL charism Sint Unum; one sisters work with returned victims of human trafficking in Lagos, Nigeria; the Capacity building workshop for sisters in the Ghana Region and Nigeria Province; and much more…Go to newsletter

Issue 47 | 25 Nov, 2015

nl issue47 thumnail 200x150Read about…the Farewell Mass for our Bundoran Community, who said goodbye after more than 130 presence there; the celebration of more than 60 years of presence in Zonkwa, Nigeria; the Central Leadership Team visit to our newest mission in Ethiopia; the Formation Programme for our sisters in Nigeria and Ghana; the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Youth Horizons Project in West Tallaght, Dublin, which was co-founded by one of our sisters; and much more…Go to newsletter

Issue 46 | 28 Oct, 2015

nl issue46 thumnail 200x150Read about…the celebration of St Louis Day and International Day of peace in six St Louis Schools in Nigeria and Ireland; the silver jubilee and diamond jubilee celebrations in Ghana and Ireland; one sister’s experience of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage walk in northern Spain and another sister’s visit to the SSL community in Dawhan, Ethiopia; and much moreGo to newsletter

Issue 45 | 30 Sept, 2015

nl issue45 thumnail 200x150Read about…the honouring of some of our departed Irish missionaries in Ghana; the latest on the St Louis Schools’ Network; the final profession of four sisters in Nigeria; the diamond jubilee celebrations of 18 sisters in the Irish Region; the strategic planning process underway in Ghana and Nigeria; the feast of graduation ceremonies that took place across the St Louis schools in Nigeria this summer; and much more…Go to newsletter

Issue 44 | 12 Aug, 2015

nl issue44 thumnail 200x150Read about…our new St Louis Centenarian; the celebration of World Environment Day by two St Louis Schools in Ghana and Nigeria; our involvement in providing clean, safe water in Bauchi State, Nigeria; one sister’s preparation of Prayer Services and the lobbying of Members of parliament in the UK ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris later this year; the new monthly news item from Nigeria, WaZoBia; and much more…Go to newsletter

Issue 43 | 24 June, 2015

nl issue43 thumnail 200x150Read about…the four newly professed sisters in our Ghana Region; the tribute to Sheila Duffy SSL Rest in Peace; the marking of World Biodiversity Day in Marywood Girls College in Lagos, Nigeria; WaZoBia, the new monthly news item from Nigeria; and much moreGo to newsletter

Issue 42 | 27 May, 2015

nl issue42 thumnail 200x150Read about…the return to the USA by Margie Buttitta SSL after nearly 40 years in Brazil; the tributes to two sisters in the Irish Region who passed away in April; how one school in Nigeria celebrated International Labour Day on May 1; WaZoBia, the new monthly news item from Nigeria; and much moreGo to newsletter

Issue 41 | 29 April, 2015

nl issue41 thumnail 200x150Read about…the 2015 General Chapter Meeting, which takes place once every six years and elects the new Institute Leader; the establishment of the St Louis Schools Forum; the celebration of UN World Water Day by some of the St Louis schools around the world; one man’s gratitude to the Sisters of St Louis for their help in changing his life; and much moreGo to newsletter

Issue 40 | 31 March, 2015

nl issue40 thumnail 200x150Read about…human trafficking in Nigeria and one sister’s efforts to combat it; empowerment workshop for the women and youth of Dawhan village, Ethiopia; the launch of the first ever Sister of St Louis Associates in Brazil; Ghana Independence Day celebrations at St Louis Jubilee School, Kentinkrono, Ghana; and much moreGo to newsletter

Issue 39 | 26 February, 2015

nl issue39 thumnail 200x150Read about…the 40th anniversary of the St Louis Nursery and Primary School in Akure, Nigeria; the Irish Region Chapter Meeting; the Capacity Building Workshop that took place in our Brazil Community; the Bridge of Care Project in Nigeria…Go to newsletter; and much moreGo to newsletter

Issue 38 | 28 January, 2015

nl issue38 thumnail 200x150Read about…the joint Church and State HIV/Aids campaign that the Sisters of St Louis are involved in, in Brazil; our involvement in the provision of a modern garri processing facility in Akure, Nigeria; the recent passing of three of our sisters in the Irish Region; and Sister of St Louis Christmas celebrations all over the world; and much moreGo to newsletter