Pastoral care

Our pastoral work is founded on our awareness of our human dignity, its potential and fragility. It encompasses a wide range of activities and services and is inclusive of all peoples and all that is created by God leading to a passionate concern for the universe, and our growing awareness of the need and value of a world informed by Justice, Peace and integrity of Creation.

We try to live our call to be pastoral carers through listening, allowing ourselves to be influenced and reaching out as needs be to the other. There is much pastoral care in our communities and various ministry milieux. At a more formal level we can be found working farms, in chaplaincy, spiritual direction, management of retreat centres, serving in parishes, fostering dialogue with people of differing faiths, facilitating groups, counselling the vulnerable, accompanying and empowering trafficked women in their struggle for dignity, and in many other initiatives, such as participation in justice and ecology groups, working for peace, and campaigning and lobbying on behalf of the marginalised.